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Luisenthal located within the Thuringia Forest

Our Waldhotel Berghof is located in Luisenthal, embedded in the romantic Thuringian Forest.

The 4km long health resort Luisenthal lies 450-730 m above sea level and is divided into three sections:

  • Kienberg hill (723 m),
  • Steinigenberg peak (596 m) and Streitberg peak (698 m).

Ohra water reservoir

Not far from the Waldhotel Berghof is the Ohra water reservoir, which is used for drinking water for the Thuringian area. A trip to the reservoir should be a 'must" for every guest staying in Luisenthal.

The 'Rennsteig'

The approximately 170 km long "Rennsteig" trail is the longest hiking trail in Germany. The 'Rennsteig' is a popular destination for all hiking and mountain friends.

From Luisenthal you can start the second and the third stage of the Rennsteig trail. From Oberhof, you can walk about 31 km through the second stage of the trail in the direction of Inselsberg or on the third stage about 26 km in the direction of Neustadt am Rennsteig.