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City excursions around Luisenthal

In the neighborhood of Luisenthal there are many interesting cities. Travel along the towns of Thuringia and discover the most important places in the Thuringian Forest. Starting with the winter sports resort of Oberhof right up to the state capital Erfurt, all the cultural cities of Thuringia can be easily reached by car. It will be our pleasure to help you by organizing your individual city excursions.


Visit the Wartburg city. The town of Eisenach is marked by the world heritage Wartburg, but it is worth the city center with its historical buildings and museums to visit.

For more details, please click here: http://www.eisenach.info/de/


The Thuringian capital invites you to linger. Visit the cathedral and the Severi Church. Stroll through romantic lanes and relax at one of the shops on the merchant's bridge, a 120m long consistently built and inhabited bridge.


Visit the royal residence with its 'Friedenstein Castle' as a historic monument from the early Baroque, and the Palace Garden and the Orangerie. Here you can admire various testimonies of garden art.

For more details, please click here: http://www.kultourstadt.de/

Ohrdruf - Ehrenstein castle

Visit the smallest town in Germany referring to Johann Sebastian Bach (Bach-Town). The Renaissance castle Ehrenstein await your visit. In the castle, the town museum with a collection of the cultural and handicraft history of Ohrdruf.

For more details, please click here: http://www.ohrdruf.de


"Thüringias Holiday location No. 1" invites you to a visit. In only 8km distance of the Waldhotel Berghof, you can reach the ski resort of Oberhof. However, not only in winter, Oberhof is well worth for a visit. There is plenty to do!

For more details, please click here: http://www.oberhof.de/


The most famous cultural and university town in Thuringia. In the footsteps of Bauhaus and classics you can discover so many things. Visit the Goethe- and Schiller-House, and the numerous museums and exhibitions.

For more details about Weimar, please click here: http://www.weimar.de/tourismus/homepage/