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Waldhotel Berghof your starting point for hiking & biking tour


The 75 km long route takes you through the 'Johann Sebastian Bach' places in Thuringia. Starting with Arnstadt about Mühlberg and Weimar up to Ohrdruf. In particular to mention, there is the Thuringian Burgenland 'Drei-Gleichen', that provides scenic and cultural experiences to you.

You will find more information and maps at www.thueringen-entdecken.de

Hiking round trip

Enjoy the beauty of the "Thurngian Forest" and find the right hike for you. We would also be happy, to provide you with packed luch (be appointment).

Find here your suitable toure!

Three dams tour

rom Luisenthal it goes along the 'Ohra' dam to 'Schmalwassertal' dam. Those are idyllically situated water reservoirs whose visit is worth in any case. The Rennsteig bike path then leads you up to the ski resort of Oberhof. From here it's all about the 'Lütsche' dam back to Luisenthal.

Plan your individual route - In the linked tour planning tool, you can display certain routes but can also plan itself. You can load all the data as a GPS track down. Click and take onto the cycle route planner Thuringia!

Route 1 - trail around the Ohratalsperre (20 km)

Direct from the hotel, follow the footpath that starts below the hotel garage. After about 1 km you reach the room Viaduct. From here you follow the path to the left past the old ski jump until you reach the dam 1.5 km. They continue to run over the dam to Vorsperre in Silbergund. After you turn right to the core basic Vorsperre. From here you can use the convenient way, always at the reservoir along run. It often offer beautiful views and resting places to linger.

Route 2 - Steiger Haus - Löbengrund - Luisenthal (10 km)

From the hotel you walk on the road leading towards Stutzhäuser brewery. The first curving path on the left, turn left and walk in front of a large wooden fence along. After a short time you reach a stream to cross it. Now follow the opposite way in the so-called clay bottom. Follow this road about 5 km to the end. Now follow the left Steigerstraße and reach after 300m the restaurant Steiger Haus (is no longer farmed). The way back leads through the Löbengrund back to Luisenthal. This starts right on Steiger Haus.

Route 3 − Kienberg − Querberg − Herrenweg − Wegscheide (10 km)

From the hotel you walk on the road leading towards Stutzhäuser brewery. At the bus stop cross the main road and follow the road past the sports ground to the old Kinderkurheim. Approximately 100m behind the large retaining wall, turn right on the designated trail. After 300m, turn right and follow the path. They run past the small Alesnest to Kienberg and cross the mountain cross. After crossing the Klotzerod also follow the Herrenweg. Finally, cross the main road and keep left. Here you reach the crossroads.